The Nation's Organzation

The foundation of all of the nation's activities is voluntary effort. Without the individual student involved and taking time out of their studies Norrlands nation cease to work. Through the centuries, students, now active and previously so, have spent hours and hours of effort to maintain and develop Norrlands nation. The nations of Uppsala and Norrlands nation in particular are unique phenomenons.
Below you will find a brief description of the nation's organization.

(It should be noted as that many of the names of the different branches and posts/officials of the organization are difficult or impossible to translate they will primarily be written their Swedish name and in most cases have a rough translation within brackets.)

The highest decision-making bodies:
Landskapet (The landscape)
The nation's highest decision-making body with three meetings per semester. The landscape, which is led by the First curator, conduct elections of a majority of the nation?s officials and make decisions affecting the nation's business (such as regarding renovations and the budget). Every member of the nation has one vote.
Nationsstyrelsen (The nation?s board of directors)
The nation's highest decision-making body between the landscapes. The Board leads the nation's long-term operations, prepares questions for the landscapes and conduct some of the elections of nation officials. The Board consists of the curators, the treasurers, four regular members and five alternates. The First curator is chairman of the board.

The Managements:
Besvärsnämnden (The Appeals Management)
Responsible for impartially dealing with complaints regarding procedural errors and also handles revisions of the statutes. Consists of Inspektor (chairman), Proinspektor (vice chairman), and two of the landscape elected regular members (these may not hold any other post in the nation).
Fastighetsnämnden (The Building Management)
Responsible for the administration and management of the nation's building. It consists of its own treasurer (chairman), the curators, four regular members and three alternates.
Förvaltningsnämnden (The Fund Management)
Responsible for managing the nation's funds and investments. It consists of its own treasurer (chairman), the curators, four regular members and two alternates.
Kommunikationsnämnden (The Communication Management)
Responsible for the nation's internal and external communications. Assists with marketing strategies and communication plans, training for Press contact, and support for the nation's active members in matters such as Web and other communication. It consists of its own treasurer (chairman), PR foreman, Recentior foreman, three regular members and two alternates.
Stipendienämnden (The Scholarships Management)
Responsible for going through applications and preparing proposals of receivers of the nation?s scholarships and grants. Consists of a chairman, First curator, two Secretaries of the scholarships and two regular members representing each faculty at Uppsala University, also one regular member representing research and two representing SLU.
Valnämnden (The Elections Management)
Responsible for considering applications, preparing elections and submitting candidate nominations for the upcoming elections by the landscape and the Board. It consists of the First curator (vice chairman) and eight regular members. The chairman is elected within the Board.

The highest officials:
Inspektor (Inspector)
The nation's highest and most senior office, in charge of overseeing the nation and maintaining tradition. The Inspector represent the nation towards other organizations and branches of government together with the First curator. The Inspektor is always a professor or teacher at Uppsala University.
Proinspektor (Deputy Inspector)
Acts as support and potential stand in to the Inspektor. Has designated areas of responsibility in accordance with agreement with the Inspektor. The Proinspektor is always a professor or teacher at Uppsala University.
Skattmästarna (The treasurers)
Three in number: Förvaltningsskattmästaren (The funds treasurer), Fastighetsskattmästaren (The buildings treasurer) and Kommunikationsskattmästaren (The communications treasurer). Each manages their own area as chairman. The treasurers are elected amongst former members of the nation who are now alumni and working in a field relevant to their respective area.
Kuratel (The curators)
Consists of the First and Second curator. The First curator is the president/chairman of the nation, exercises the supreme executive management of the nation and represent the nation outwards together with the Inspektor. The Second curator is the Chief Financial Officer of the nation, responsible for the finances, all events and businesses and is the director of the Klubbverk. Both First and Second curator are always students who have taken a year off their studies to work full-time at the nation.
Klubbverk (The Klubbverk)
The Klubbverks manages the daily operations of the nation and its events under the management of the curators and in accordance with the decisions of the Board and the landscape. The Klubbverk consists of five ordinary students who have taken a semester off their studies to work full-time at the nation. They are the Klubbchef, Gillevärdinna, Barmästare, Orvarvärd and Cafémästare, each in charge of a different area of the nations operations where they are responsible for hiring paid staff, planning events and purchasing the necessary wares. Learn more about each persons specific area of responsibility and to find their contact information read here.

The Committees of the Board:
Arrangemangsutskottet (The Events Committee)
Led by the Programgeneral (Event General) and the Second curator in consultation with six regular members. Have the responsibility to come up with ideas and concepts to improve and develop the national daily operations and events.
Biblioteksutskottet (The Library Committee)
Consists of the Librarian, the deputy Library and fourteen regular members with different responsibilities of libraries literary disciplines. Responsible for the purchase and handling of books, magazine subscriptions and lending of books.
Kontaktutskottet (The Contact Committee)
Consists of Recentionsförmannen (Recentiors/New Students Foreman) and eight regular members. Responsible for taking care of the nation's new members (?recentiorer?). Helps with enrollments to the nation and arrange receptions for the new students.
Kulturutskottet (The Culture Committee)
Consists of Kulturförman (Culture Foreman), Deputy Culture Foreman and three regular members. Responsible for organizing and promoting cultural events at the nation. Tries to organize at regular intervals such events as including Speaker?s dinners, Art shows and Art walks.
The International Committee (Internationella utskottet)
Consists of the International Secretary (Internationella sekreteraren) and three regular members. Responsible for welcoming and arranging events for the nation's international students.
Informationsutskottet (The Information Committee)
Consists of all officials working within the information branches of the nation and I led by the PR-förman (Public Relations Foreman). Collaborates with Communications Management and coordinates the nation's internal and external information on a daily basis.
Idrottsutskottet (The Sports Committee)
Consists of the Idrottsförman (Sports Foreman) and leaders of the various sports sections. It is comprised by the nation's athletics society, NNIF (the president of NNIF is the same person as the Sports Foreman), and is involved in arranging sporting activities for nation?s members.
Revisionsutskottet (The Audit Committee)
Consists of the Revisionsförman (Audit Foreman) and four regular members. Keeps track of and assist the daily operations on the behalf of the Board.
Other parts within the organization:
Seniorskollegiet (The Collegium of Seniors)
Consists of the nation's seniors elected by the landscape. Eligible to become a senior are those that have been a member of the nation for at least six full semesters. Led by a board consisting of a chairman and six members. Responsible for preparing proposals for seniors and honorary members, and organizes various events throughout the year such as Christmas tree plundering, the Senior?s gask and Speaker?s dinners at the nation.
Föreningskonventet (The Nation?s United Societies)
An umbrella organization for the nation?s sixteen societies which gather their opinions and have the authority to elect representatives to the elections management and some of the committees. Its board consists of a chairman, a secretary and a treasurer.

Teams of officials with the responsibility of working a certain number of hours a week:
Cafévärdinna (Café Attendant)
Work two shifts a week under the leadership of the Cafémästare. Ensures that breakfast, lunch and fika are available for sale.
Three in number they are the right arm of the Klubbverk. Helps them with all sorts of tasks concerning the daily running of the nation's activities.
Kvällscafévärdinna (Evening Café Attendant)
Responsible for the nation?s evening café usually set on Tuesday. Ensures that scones, soups and other goodies are available for purchase.
Lördagsfikavärdinna (Saturday Café Attendant)
Responsible for the nation?s famous Lördagsfika on Saturdays. Ensures that all the great smörgåstårta, sandwiches and cakes are made and sold in a wonderful atmosphere.
Pubvärd (Pub Host)
Assists the Orvarvärd
and helps with all sorts of tasks concerning running the nation?s pub, Orvars krog.
Teknisk föreståndare (Technical Manager)
Is the extended arm of the Klubbchef. Prepare the technical apparatus to the nation's celebrations and events together with the deputy technical manager.
Other individual posts and officials: 
Antikvarie (Antiquarian)
Responsible along with the deputy antiquarian for maintain and keeping records of the nation's art and furnishings.
Arkivarie (Archivist)
Responsible along with the deputy archivist for the nation's archives. Ensures that all the nation's publications are kept for the future.
Datorförman (Computer Foreman)
Responsible for the nation's computer hall and ensuring that the computers are functional.
Fanbärare (Standard Bearer)
Together with the deputy standard bearer charged with carrying the nation?s banner at the nation's festivities and events such as, for example, funerals, festivals and events organized by the university.
Krönikör (Columnist)
Participates in all the nation?s festivities throughout the year. Sometimes writing columns for individual events, but primarily writing one long column for the entire year which is published in the Landsmannahälsning.
Two or three in number they are the First curator?s right hand at the nation's celebrations and official occasions. Dressed in traditional academic attire they are the toastmasters and keepers of order at the nation?s festivities, they are also responsible for such things as place cards and menu sheets.
Nationsfotograf (Nation Photographer)
Documents the nations business and events photographically together with the deputy nation photographer.
Nationssekreterare (Nation Secretary)
Writes records of the landscape, board and management meetings.
NV-redaktionen (Editorial staff for NV)
Consists of the Editor in Chief and three other editors. Responsible producing the nation?s magazine, Norrlands Varjehanda.

Norrsken-redaktionen (Editorial staff for Norrsken)
Consists of the Radioförman (Radio Foreman) and two to three deputies. Responsible producing the nation?s show, Norrsken. 

Sånganförare (Song Leader)
Together with the deputy song leader charged with leading the singing at the nation's celebrations and making sure that the songbooks or song sheets at the nation?s dinner parties are put to use.

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Statutes and policy documents

To read exactly rules what applies to the different parts of the nation and the individual posts you can read the statutes and policy documents here (only availible in Swedish).

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