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Being an alumnus means that you no longer study, but continue to be a member of Norrlands nation. It is the obvious choice for many and hopefully also for you!


The Seniorskollegiet is for members who have been with the nation for some time, and for those who have left active studies. The kollegiet is simply made by the nation's seniors. Any member who has belonged to the nation for at least six semesters can become a senior upon application. Seniors may wear a wider national ribbon with their ceremonial costume, as well as a bronze-plated pin. These are available for purchase in the nation's office.


The senior must have been a member of the nation for at least six terms. The application is made to the presidium of the seniorskollegiet, which deals with the matter before the third legitim landscape of the term, when elections take place. The deadline for applications is usually two weeks before the meeting of the kollegiet for each term. Applications or nominations for seniors can be made on a special form, which must be submitted to the secretariat directly or by post.


The Seniorskollegiet holds one ordinary meeting per term, where the statutory tasks are discussed. The spring meeting, traditionally held on 1 May, is followed by the nation's Majmiddag. The autumn meeting is usually held in October/November together with a simpler dinner.

Honorary members

Do you want to nominate someone as an honorary member or senior of the nation? Nominations are best sent via email to or by post to the nation. Keep in mind that the honorary member candidate should be either from Norrland, have done something for Norrland or have worked for Norrland's nation. The nomination must also be signed by at least two nation members.

Further information can be obtained from Linus Wännström, President of Seniorskollegiet.

Hello seniorer!

Here are the important spring-dates:

Kalendarium för Seniorskollegiet 2024 

Julgransplundring - 14/1 

Decceniegask, 00tals-gasken - 16/3 

Silllunch - 30/4 

Vårmöte & Majmiddag - 1/5 

Vårbal - 18/5 

Pålningsgask - 31/8

Höstfest - 9/11

Höstmöte - 15/11


Warm welcome!

Presidium Seniorskollegiet Norrland’s nation



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Norrländska Uppsalakamrater (NUK)

The association Norrländska Uppsalakamrater (NUK) is the association for former members of the nation who want to continue to keep in touch with the nation even after their study years, formed as early as 1918. The association's task is also to support the nation's activities in various ways through financial support, scholarships and participation in the nation.

During the 100 years that the association has been active, former nation members have financially supported fundraising for new construction and renovation of the nation house with significant sums.

Most recently, in 2015, the association presented the nation with a lectern made from a 500-year-old pine tree. In connection with the nation's 190th anniversary, Norrländska Uppsalakamrater presented the nation with a gift of just over SEK 50,000 for the renovation of the Yellow Salon's Gustavian furniture, which was collected by former curators and members of the association.


A few times a year, NUK organises Sunday dinners for its members where a speaker talks about experiences from student years or professional life or with interesting study visits.


For further information, please contact NUK President Ulla Bergqvist.

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