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Landskap dagordning

Boards & committees


The appelas board 

The appeals board consists of the inspectors and two other members at the nations. The two members cannot be a part of any other committee or engagement in the nation. The board deliberates incoming formal cases, and problematic wrongdoings and weighs them against the organizational chart.

The facility board

The facility board bears responsibility for the nation house. They deliberate and plan upcoming renovations, reparations and make sure that the house follows the policies of the Swedish agencies. The board consists of the president who’s the head of housing as well as the two Curators, four members and three deputies.

The administration board

The administration board administers the funds and funding at the nation. They make sure of the funding of renovation and scholarships. The board consists of the president who’s the head of administrations, the two Curators, four members and two deputies.

The communications board

The communications board is responsible for the internal and external planning of communications. They serve as an advisory body for the PR-chief as well as an extended arm for questions concerning media and communication. The board consists of the presidents who’s the head of communications, the First Curator, the PR-chief, the members and two deputies.


The scholarship board

The scholarship board processes the coming applications for scholarships and supplies with recommendations of applicants. The board consists of a president, the First Curator, two scholarship secretaries as well as two deputies of each faculty at Uppsala university.

The electoral board

The elections board processes the incoming submissions for candidate nominations for upcoming elections. The board consists of the First Curator as well as eight members.

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the arrangement committe

The arrangement committee serves as an advising group, deliberating ideas to improve the recurrent everyday program at the nation

The events committee is led by the programme general and second curator in consultation with six ordinary members. The committee is responsible for coming up with ideas and concepts to improve and develop the nation's regular programme activities.

The library committee

The library committee consists of two librarians and fourteen members with various subject responsibilities. The committee is responsible for book purchases, newspaper subscriptions and lending of books. The committee also organises book circles with different themes and is responsible for the proper care and storage of the nation's older books. In addition, the committee works to digitalise the library's collection to facilitate the lending of books.

The equality committee

The equality committee works with equality at the nation. Among other things, the committee is responsible for organising educational workshops focusing on equality issues and discrimination for full-time employees and other personnel. The committee also organises events with a focus on the nation's values and assists the first curator in matters concerning equality.

The contact committee

The contact committee consists of the recce chairman and eight members. The committee is responsible for taking care of the nation's new members, recentiors. The committee helps with enrolments, recce receptions and organises various activities to show the new members what the nation has to offer, such as recce fairs, pub crawls, songbook dinners and sports activities.

The culture committee

The culture committee, consisting of the chair, the vice chair and three members, is responsible for organising and promoting cultural events in the nation. They regularly organise speaker events, art exhibitions, art walks and tastings of various kinds.

The international committee

The international committee consists of two secretaries and two scholarship hosts. The committee is responsible for the contact with the nation's international students and takes care of the foreign scholarship holders who visit the nation at the spring ball, when they organise a scholarship dinner and other fun activities for the guests.


The information committee

The information committee cooperates with the communications bords and coordinates the nation's internal and external information dissemination on a more concrete level. For example, the committee can work to review the nation's website and update it and review how our English communication looks in relation to the Swedish. The committee is led by a PR-foreman who acts as a link between the communications committee and the information committee.

The sports committee

The sports committee consists of the chairman and the leaders of the various sports sections. The committee's activities take place through the nation's sports association, NNIF, which organises sports activities for the nation's members. The committee organises sports events on a weekly basis but also has more specific events such as strength competitions.

The sustainability committee

The sustainability committee works with sustainability issues at the nation. The committee is responsible for, among other things, working with the ecological sustainability aspects of the nation in the long term and informing the nation's full-time employees about how to take such aspects into account in their work.

The audit committee

The audit committee, consisting of the chairperson four members, monitors and assists the day-to-day operations of the klubbverk on behalf of the board.

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Norrlands varjehanda omslag
Norrsken podcast logga
Member magazine - Norrlands varjehanda

The nation's own newspaper, Norrlands varjehanda, comes in two issues per semester. Each issue reaches around 8,000 readers, and exists as a link between the nation and all its members.

The editorial team consists of a chief editor, a art director and two editors who, together with writers, interview, photograph, write texts and design the magazine.

Podcast - Norrsken

Norrsken is Norrlands nation's very own podcast and is broadcast at Studentradion 98.9. Norrsken addresses topics inspired by the nation, Norrland and Norrlanders.


The editorial team consists of radio managers who together develop the content of the show.

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