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Policy documents

The nation's activities are ultimately governed by its statutes, completely revised in 2006 and then updated as necessary.

Chapter 1, 1 § describes the nation's task:

Norrlands nation in Uppsala has the task, as a politically and religiously independent association of students mainly with ties to the counties of Jämtland, Västernorrland, Västerbotten and Norrbotten, to create an environment that promotes the members' studies, well-being and personal development during their studies in Uppsala.


Read more in the nation's statutes in full text here.

Core values

The values of the Norrland Nation are defined by its members. The nation continuously identifies and defines its core values and what they mean for the organisation, in order to constantly work on implementing and developing them. The values are a tool used by the members to create the nation they want to be part of. The core values are not a governing document, but a working tool that defines how we as members want to behave in the organisation. The core values permeate the entire organisation, with the three most important being commitment, joy and community.



  • We care about each other and are committed to the well-being of members and visitors alike.

  • We encourage and facilitate engagement, large and small.

  • We encourage responsibility, initiative and ideas. We believe in each other's abilities.

  • We are unpretentious. We offer and dare to ask for help.


  • We have a positive view of our organisation, tasks, members and visitors.

  • We have fun and enjoy what we do. Together we see opportunities and solutions.

  • We encourage and give each other positive feedback. We show appreciation for each other.


  • We create an environment where everyone feels involved, welcome and can make their voice heard.

  • We have open communication, accepting each other's opinions and recognising other people's perspectives.

  • We are humble in our behaviour and treat each other with respect.

  • We welcome new members into our community and ensure that all members continue to feel at home.


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