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Occasionally, as a student, it can be difficult to make ends meet. Thanks to several donors, some dating back to the 1700s, Norrlands nation nowadays have the opportunity to provide its members with several scholarships each semester.


How do I apply?

All information about Norrlands nation scholarships can be downloaded on this page, or retrieved at Norrlands nation's reception. Make sure to read carefully about the announced scholarships in the Scholarship Handbook so that you can see if you are eligible to apply for any of them.

It is important that you are very careful when applying. Carelessness or incomplete applications are likely to result in your application being deemed invalid or not processed at all. Neither early nor late applications will be considered.

Uppsala University has scholarships in Norrlands nation's name which are reserved for our member. These can be found via the University's website:


Note that there are completely separate application forms and procedures for these scholarships. Mixing them up will invalidate your application.


Some scholarships are held in a period of time ranging over a semester. This means that the announced amount for each semester almost always entails the amount for a year, out of which the first half is award in the semester of application, and the second half is awarded on the following semester. In order to get the second half of the scholarship amount it is needed to actively continuing the scholarship through monitoring it, which is done at very specific times on a very specific form.


This is required to show that you are still studying and eligible for the scholarship. If not the scholarship will be transferred to one of the applicant who previously landed on the reserve list for the scholarship. So take care and make sure to continue your scholarship carefully, otherwise you are likely to get only half the amount.

Please observe

The period of time at which the continuation of your scholarship is possible is announced each semester in conjunction with the announcement of the semester's available scholarships, and in coincides with their application period. This is usually in April and October respectively of semester, however to make sure you should regularly visit aforementioned Scholarship Message Board at the nation's reception. Continuations received before or after the specified period will not be considered.

A separate form is needed for each of the scholarships that are to be monitored. Carelessness or incomplete continuation forms are likely to result in your continuation being deemed invalid.


Contact the Scholarship Secretaries


Norrlands nation
Västra Ågatan 14 
753 09 Uppsala

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