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Food & feast

With a large nation house, there are also great opportunities for different types of occasions for both food and party, with everything from breakfast, lunch and hamburger dinners to fine dining menus, graduation celebrations and late club nights.



Orvar is the pub that has everything from one of Uppsala's widest range of beers to unforgettable food. With its lovely atmosphere, Orvar has become a central place for many students during their time here in Uppsala.

Opening hours:

Mon - Thur: 17-01

Fri: 14-01

Sat: 15-01

Sun: 17-22

Gask & banquets

Norrlands nation organises grand gaskets where you as a student have the opportunity to enjoy a fantastic dinner with your best friends and create memories for life! During a semester, up to seven gaskets and a ball are organised, where multi-course meals, drinks, songs, speeches and entertainment are offered.


After the gask, there is always a ‘släpp’ at the nation. The släpp is the part of the event where those who did not attend the dinner come to the nation to party with the dinner participants.

Festivalborg 2.jpg


Wednesday Club, 04-släpp and Festivalborg. With a large house, the club possibilities are great!


04, aka the ‘nollfyra’, at Norrlands means the party doesn't end until four in the morning! On gask nights, the whole house is open for dancing, partying and the atmosphere is at its peak. With its large dance floors and attractive bars, a nollfyra is a guaranteed fantastic party night and something that should not be missed by any student in Uppsala.


Maj’s café is Norrland’s student café, named after the Gillevärdinna Maj Reinhammar, who founded our sacred Saturday Coffee, the ‘Lördagsfika’. We offer breakfast and lunch every weekday and lördagsfika on Saturdays. Majs is the perfect place to hang out with friends, study, cosy up and get your daily dose of caffeine.

Opening hours:

Mon-Thur 8-17
Fri 8-14
Sat 12-15



Norrlands nation has one Uppsala's main capabilities for banquet and dinner party operations, with the ability to serve three course meals to over 500 people at once.

Norrlands nation is mainly aimed at students and programme associations with a connection to Uppsala University and SLU. We are run entirely by students and have long experience of large dinners. Our goal is for all our events to be characterised by the highest nation standards from start to finish.

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