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Why Norrlands nation?

Norrland's nation offers members a chance to get involved in the nation, make friends for life and gain important credentials for working life. Norrlands offers something for everyone! You can:

  • get involved in areas such as media, culture or international relations

  • get involved in one of the nation's many different associations where there are opportunities for, among other things, singing and music through the nation's spex, orchestras and choirs

  • work in the kitchen, the cafe, the pub, at clubs and serve dinners

  • earn some extra money

Member benefits

  • our member magazine Norrlands Varjehanda (4 issues in one year)

  • opportunities to apply for scholarships

  • opportunities to apply for housing

  • discounts on lunch and coffee in Majs café

  • access to the nation's own library

If you have more questions, please contact the nation's recceförman.   

How do I become a member?

To become a member you must be admitted to a program or courses at Uppsala University, SLU Ultuna or another university in Uppsala. Becoming a member of Norrland nation occurs in three easy steps:

1a. You sign up as a member and pay via Internet at 


1b. You come to the nation during the receptions open hours. You bring your valid ID,  letter of admission or registration certificates (not needed if you study at Uppsala University) and 330 kronor. Note that you can only pay with card.


2. You stop by our reception and pick up your temporary nation card (usable for Norrlands-discount and to enter any nation) in anticipation of the regular digital one - which is needed for any other student discounts. You also get at chance to see the nation and ask any questions that you might have.

3. You get a richer and more fun student life!

Who can become a member?

Norrlands nation originally originated from student associations that targeted students from Norbotten, Västerbotten, Jämtland and Västernorrland counties. It is also the landscapes included in these counties that make up the nation's coat of arms.

Today, there are students from all over Sweden (and the world) at the nation.

The nation still has a natural affinity with northern Sweden. Our partner Norrlandsförbundet works specifically for Norrland's economic, cultural and social development.

How do I change my address?

Students at Uppsala University cannot change their address manually on the student portal. However, the address is synchronized once a week against new information from the national registration system.


Students at SLU or members who are no longer studying can change their address by visiting the office or sending an e-mail to

Where is my nation card?

​The two most common reasons why you haven't recieved your card is that you either do not have the correct address registered or that your card has not had time to be manufactured. One week is the normal delivery time, but during certain periods it can take up to three weeks for your card to arrive.

Can I get a new nation card?

If you have lost your term card you can get a new temporary card by visiting the office. To order a new card, visit Studentkortet (Stuk) at Remember that you always have a digital version of the card in Studentkortet's app.

Where can I buy a guest card?

Students at universities or colleges in other countries or other cities in Sweden may buy a guest card (temporary membership) to get access to the student nations of Uppsala and their great range of activities. You can purchase this card at any of the nations, or at Kuratorskonventet’s Guest card expedition located at the bottom floor of the student union (Uppsala studentkår) building on Övre Slottsgatan 7.

The cost is 150 SEK. Make sure to bring an ID and a valid Student Card from your home University.

Any other questions? 
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