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The operations of Norrland’s nation wouldn’t be possible without the members working within various areas of the nation. If you’re interested in learning more about a certain position or applying for an official position you do so by contacting the First curator at


The antiquarian, along with the assistant antiquarian, oversees the nation’s art and movables. They regularly check the status of the nation’s inventory and work closely with the building board in questions regarding art and movables in the many rooms at the nation.


The archivist, along with the assistant archivist, oversees the nation’s archive. They make sure publications of the nation, both written and photographed material, are kept safe for the future.

Bar host

The bar host assists the Bar master in the daily operations of the nation: both in the nation house and at the pub Orvars Krog. This includes all kinds of tasks in the realms of beverage sales and its operations throughout the nation.

Café host

The café hosts work in Majs Café under the supervision of the Café master, in a team of about 10 hosts. The café hosts make sure there is breakfast, lunch, and fika for sale during weekdays. The café hosts each works two shifts per week, for five hours each time.

Club host

The club host is the right-hand man of the Club chief. The club host is both an aid to the Club Chief as well as someone who can be responsible for the club when the club chief is unable to attend. This includes leading the various staff at the club working in for example the wardrobe, security, and entrance staff.

Day host

The day hosts help the club workers with various tasks to keep the nation running during the daytime. The tasks can therefore vary a lot and be different each week.


The nation’s columnist partakes in festivities at the nation and continuously writes columns about them. At the end of each term, the columnist helps the First curator compile the annual report which is published in Landsmannahälsningen (the name of the First curator’s annual report).


The marshal, along with the assistant marshal, is the right-hand man of the First curator during the nation’s festivities such as balls and Gasks. Before the festivities, the marshals are among other things responsible for seating arrangements and printing menus. During the festivities, the marshals are the toastmasters responsible for introducing speeches and keeping the guests in order.

Nation head waiter

The nation’s head waiter helps the nation’s Hostess (Gillevärdinna) plan and carry out the nation’s dinners, such as the recce gask and spring ball. This includes helping out the marshals, managing the staff setting up for the dinner, and of course, making sure the dinner follows smoothly from backstage.

Nation photographer

The nation’s photographer, along with the assistant photographer, documents what’s happening at the nation at all types of events, such as dinners and Landskap. The photographer is then responsible for editing the pictures and making sure they are published in an appropriate place.

Nation secretary

The nation secretaries are responsible for writing protocols at Landskap and all board meetings at the nation. The nation has three nation secretary positions.


The PR-host is the right-hand man of the PR-forman. The PR-host assists the PR-foreman in their work which also includes helping with the marketing and promotion of the nation. The PR-host should be aware of the different policies regarding marketing, in order to perform their work.

Saturday Fika host

The Saturday Fika host (Lördagsfikavärd) is responsible for the Saturday fika at the nation. The hosts make sure that baked goods, sandwiches, and sandwich cakes are prepared for the Saturday fika. During the week, the hosts prepare the fika and on Saturdays they are the ones responsible for selling the fika.

Song Leader

The song leader, and the assistant song leader, are the toastmasters responsible for the songs at the nation’s festivities. The song leaders prepare what songs to sing and lead the guests through the songs during the events.

Standard bearer

The standard bearer, along with the assistant standard bearer, carries Norrland’s banner at festivities at the nation as well as during other ceremonial events that the nation attends, such as funerals, holidays, and events arranged by the university.

Technical director

The technical director (also known as TF) is the club chief’s helping hand when it comes to club equipment such as lights, sound, and sets. The TF, along with the assistant technical director, sets up the technical apparatus and makes sure the equipment is in good condition.

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